Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of the air in motion into electricity



Wind power is an infinite source of renewable energy, as wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of the air in motion into electricity.

The modern wind power sector emerged in the 1980s and, since 2000, the industry has grown rapidly, driven by R&D and the increasing competitiveness of the technology, which has reduced its costs by 56% between 2010 and 2020. However, both onshore and offshore wind still have a great potential for deployment worldwide.

Relying on specialized support from an independent third party, such as Enertis Applus+, is essential for proper technical advice at different stages of wind projects.

Technical Advisory & Consulting Services

The Enertis Applus+ highly specialized team of consultants supports clients with tailored services for onshore wind projects, such as yield assessments, technical due diligence for financing or M&A, performance assessments for projects that are already in operation.


Our team of specialized engineers offer comprehensive back-office technical engineering and owner’s engineering services, providing support across all the stages of wind projects, from pre-planning, to planning and development, to implementation and construction.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services

Our team of qualified inspectors, engineers, and Senior Project Managers assists our clients with vendor surveillance services, such as in-factory pre-manufacturing audits, blade manufacturing oversight and pre-shipment batch acceptance testing. These services shelter our clients from the procurement and commissioning of non-reliable components to protect their profits.
At Enertis Applus+, we support our clients to maximise their return on investment, mitigating all technical risks associated with their projects. Also, the Applus+ groups has a large track record of supervision of manufacturing of critical components.

Testing & Optimization Services

Our team of highly trained and specialized experts carry out advanced drone-based blade inspections for onshore and offshore wind projects. These services are part of a large set of Asset Integrity inspections available at Applus group.