BESS enable storing electricity generated from renewable energy sources



Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) enable storing electricity generated from renewable energy sources, therefore they are a critical part of the electricity system, as they play a crucial role in the integration of non-manageable energy sources into the energy mix. Moreover, BESS projects provide a range of services to the grid, such as frequency regulation, grid stability and ramp rate control, among others.

Our team of specialized engineers and consultants support our clients with high value-added consulting, engineering and quality control services for BESS projects around the world to ensure long-term performance predictability, protect clients’ profits, and lower overall client risks.

Our BESS-related, value-added services include market-savvy insight into BESS stand alone, and also PV+Wind+BESS modeling for various ISO markets and use cases, equipment selection and purchasing support, fully independent engineering reports for financing, construction monitoring, quality control inspections of BESS containers at factory and upon on-site arrival, commissioning documentation management, and periodic performance review.