Comprehensive in-factory quality assurance and quality control services


Quality assurance and Quality control

Our quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) services provide long-term PV profit protection by offering supplier selection, product qualification, and supply contract advisory services from manufacture, to post-shipment inspection, to field inspection of PV equipment. These services shelter clients from the procurement and commissioning of non-reliable components/devices and protect their long-term PV project profits. 

We are fully independent from manufacturers to verify the quality of main project components. Our worldwide services include those for:  

  • PV modules 
  • Balance of system (BOS) components (mounting systems, power stations, inverters, transformers, others)  
  • Battery energy storage system (BESS) equipment. 

The Enertis Applus+ team of qualified inspectors, engineers, and Senior Project Managers are based in our headquarter offices in Spain and US; and they collaborate with staff members in international locations, mainly in Asia.  

A full range of our quality control and quality assurance services are described below: 


  • Technical advisory
  • Assistance with Module Supply Agreement (MSA)
  • Vendor qualification:
    • Bankability evaluation
    • Past performance review
    • Quality assessment of product and facilities
    • Technical assessment of module specifications and proposed BOM
    • Pre-manufacturing BOM validation testing
  • ESG and supply chain traceability audit
  • Manufacturing start-up oversight


  • Pre-production factory audit
  • Factory inspection to identify risks to production
  • Sample witnessing
  • Golden module generation
  • BOM validation through laboratory testing


  • Production supervision
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Container loading supervision
  • Factory acceptance test witnessing

Highlighted projects

El Romero Solar PV Plant

Country: Chile

Capacity: 247 MWp

Service(s): Quality Control and Quality Assurance; Testing & Optimization

Client(s): Acciona Energía Chile

Enertis Applus+ carried out quality inspections during the PV module manufacturing process, auditing the manufacturing lines; supervising the process, and verifying the traceability of the materials; carrying out tests in its independent laboratory and electroluminescence and visual inspections upon the delivery of the modules for batch validation. Enertis also supervised the assembly process and completed the work by performing thermography, visual inspections, and night-time electroluminescence tests on the installed PV modules. During the operation phase, Enertis Applus+ carried out module degradation measurements and solar pyranometers calibrations.

Serra do Mel PV Plant

Country: Brazil

Capacity: 580 MW (Serra do Mel I & II 320 MW+ Serra do Mel III-VI 260 MW)

Service(s): Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Client(s): Voltalia

Enertis Applus+ assisted Voltalia providing its specialised and independent advice during the pre-manufacturing, manufacturing, and pre-shipment phases. As part of the services that were performed, the company carried out vendor surveillance, namely factory inspections, in China to oversee and evaluate the raw materials for solar PV modules.

Also, Enertis Applus+ assessed the compliance of the manufacturing process with the established quality standards and its experienced quality inspectors supervised the entire manufacturing process in China. The services also included pre-shipment factory acceptance tests (FAT).

Enertis Applus+ also performed additional and specific tests on the modules in its accredited external laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020 and CBTL/IECEE), including the determination of the maximum power under standard conditions, visual, EL, Light Induced Degradation (LID), Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and the Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation Index (LeTID) tests. These tasks are necessary to evaluate the quality and optimal performance of the modules. Similarly, specific tests were carried out on inverters and solar trackers to verify their compliance with predefined technical requirements.

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