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Nossos consultores e engenheiros oferecem assessoramento especializado e independente em projetos fotovoltaicos e eólicos no mundo inteiro:

Algumas experiências

Nossa equipe assessorou empresas em múltiplos países ao longo de todas as etapas do ciclo de vida dos projetos. Estamos comprometidos com o sucesso dos nossos clientes, focados na execução de projetos de alta qualidade, gestão de riscos e máxima rentabilidade.

El Romero Solar PV Plant

Country: Chile, South America

Capacity: 247 MWp
Services: PV module manufacturing inspection, testing before and after the installation and supervision of structure assembly. PV module degradation control tests and pyranometer calibration.
Client: Acciona Energía Chile

Enertis carried out quality inspections during the PV module manufacturing process, auditing the manufacturing lines; supervising the process and verifying the traceability of the materials; carrying out tests in its independent laboratory and electroluminescence and visual inspections upon the delivery of the modules for batch validation. Enertis also supervised the assembly process and completed the work by performing thermography, visual inspections and night-time electroluminescence tests on the installed PV modules. During the operation phase, Enertis is carrying out modules degradation measurements and solar pyranometers calibrations.


Creek Portfolio

Country: US
Capacity: Over 280MW PV, with approx 400 MWh of Energy Storage, in total
Services: Owner’s Engineering
Client: Carolina Solar Energy

This portfolio is composed of five PV Projects, featuring 50-60 MW PV per site and an average of 100MWh of long-duration Energy Storage (ESS) at 4 of the total sites. Enertis Solar is grateful to work as Owner’s Engineer, while Carolina Solar Energy and the project entities successfully developed and advanced this portfolio. Interconnection Applications (IA) were completed and approved by the affected utilities for PV + ESS operation at all 5 locations. Enertis worked closely with Carolina Solar Energy Commercial and Engineering professionals to establish the Basis of Design documents, engineering, PV+ESS energy modeling, and provide other support and advising to the projects.