Enertis advises FRV and provides technical inspection services in the development of the Potrero Solar Project in Mexico

Enertis, a specialist in the provision of consulting, engineering and quality control assurances in renewable energy projects on a global scale, has once again been chosen by Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a global leader in the development of renewable energy projects, as its adviser and technical inspector in the photovoltaic Potrero Solar project in Jalisco, Mexico.

The power plant, one of the largest in the country and one of the most ambitious projects in bifacial technology on an international scale, is currently in development and it is expected that construction work will finalise in 2020.

The project shall reach 296 MWp and shall include over 800,000 installed modules, with an annual production estimated at 700,000 MWh, avoiding approximately 345,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, providing energy to over 350,000 homes.

Of the work that Enertis is undertaking for FRV, at three production centres in China, it is worth noting the technical advisory activity (certifications, materials, procedures, etc.), the inspection and review of the production process and the verification of the completion and quality of the bifacial devices, which will act as energy generators at the plant.

According to Vicente Parra, Director of Quality and Technology at Enertis, “the production and verification of the performance of the bifacial solar modules requires a high level of knowledge and understanding as well as being up to date with this technology, ever more present in the market. We are very happy to continue to advise and collaborate with FRV as it is a pioneering company in the use of technology and on such a significant project in terms of size, which allows us to continue to be at the cutting-edge of the application of this technology”.

With offices in Mexico since 2012, Enertis has collaborated on over 100 projects in the country, totaling over 8.000 MW.