Press Release

UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union) and the law firm Osborne Clarke have entrusted Enertis to act as technical advisor in defense against retribution cuts.

The law firm Osborne Clarke has signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) by which legal assistance will be offered to their members regarding the “retroactive” regulatory changes that are affecting to the return of the investment of the PV plants installed in Spain.

For the characterization of each plant, Osborne Clarke will have the technical assistance of Enertis, a company specialized in solar PV energy with more than 4,000 MW of this kind of projects analyzed around the world.

This diagnosis of the plants will based in its actual status and in their financing and other project contracts. With this information, next steps against the new retribution will be assessed.

According to the association: “In the terms the reform has been raised, many companies will need to refinancing their projects and, those which can´t afford the new terms of refinancing, will be condemned to an arrangement with creditors or even to closing”