Press Release

Enertis Launches Advanced Performance Analytics Application, a Robust, Analytic Software for PV Systems

San Francisco, CA (Apr. 5, 2021) – Enertis, a leading renewable energy consulting and engineering company, announced its newest software today, the Advanced Performance Analytics Application (A-PAA).

The A-PAA enables energy developers to accurately diagnose the health and value of a PV site or portfolio by determining degradation, soiling rates, and AC losses, while observing long-term and seasonal performance trends.

The A-PAA is a toolkit featuring interactive visualizations that show annual, high-level site performance down to the highest granularity. Compared to standard monthly performance analyses, the A-PAA provides real and theorized data at the hourly, daily, monthly and yearly levels.

Plot describing the outlier and downtime entries detected in the production data of a meter.
Plot of the dry periods detected in the period and the daily soiling rates calculated for each of them.

“A-PAA is a result of our firm strategy for R&D and innovation, as we aim to provide the best advice and support to our clients,” said Iñaki Herrero, Manager Director for North America at Enertis.

In contrast to TESSA, the company’s soiling loss calculator announced earlier this year, the A-PAA takes data determination a step further by using machine-learning techniques to identify recoverable unavailability and systemic underperformance. “A-PAA gives an accurate estimate of historic downtime at the inverter and point of interconnection level and can be used to fine-tune long-term P50 expectations for any project anywhere,” said Brian Custodio, Director for North America – Data Science & Consulting at Enertis.

Using real and theorized data for a more exact production capacity, the A-PAA also allows energy developers and financial parties to value a project or portfolio appropriately. Pedro Garcia Hrdy, Vice President at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, commented, “Enertis’s A-PAA Tool has been instrumental in our ability to accurately price large operational solar assets and win competitive bids, without fear of overestimating future revenue.”

 Features and Capabilities:

  • Interactive visualizations that show annual, high-level performances, down to the highest granularity available
  • Direct comparisons to P50 and Weather-Adjusted P50 from both an energy and performance ratio perspective
  • Subperformance, Inverter Downtime, Meter Downtime, and Communication Downtime calculations
  • Long-term Degradation, Average Daily Soiling Rate, and AC Loss calculations
  • Identify recoverable unavailability and systemic underperformance

To date, the A-PAA has generated performance factor adjustments for 123 solar projects, totaling near 1 GW of installed capacity. The application can be used at any point in a project’s lifetime 6 months after COD.

To request a demo of the A-PAA, please contact Brian Custodio (