Press Release

Enertis expands its collaboration with Acciona with new projects in Chile and Ukraine


  • The projects total 168 MWp: in Almeyda (62 MWp) and Usya (64 MWp) in Chile, and three new solar plants in Ukraine, Gudzovka I, II and Arcyz, with 42,2 MWp of joint power.
  • Enertis will oversee the production of over 500,000 modules and provide quality control  and inspection services during production in China. 
  • These projects strengthen the existing collaboration between both companies since 2013 and, in the case of Ukraine, shall track the work already completed in the three solar plants in the  ‘Dymerka Solar’ complex (57,2 MWp). 

Enertis, a specialist in the provision of consulting, engineering and quality control assurance in renewable energy projects on a global scale, continues to work with the Energy division of Acciona as an authorised supplier to undertake assurance and quality control services in the solar plants of Almeyda (62 MWp) and Usya (64 MWp) in Chile, and Gudzovka (24,4 MWp) and Arcyz (17,8 MWp), in Ukraine.

For the solar plant in Almeyda, where the module production phase has concluded and shall be connected to the network this year, Enertis completed the integral quality control of its 62 MWp. In Usya, the recent project announced by Acciona which will cover a surface area of 105 hectares and 64 installed MWp, Enertis shall complete the inspection and trial work on the modules in China during their production. The launch of the solar plant is scheduled for 2020. 

Enertis continues to collaborate with the projects that Acciona is developing in Ukraine, which commenced in September of last year, with regards to the Dymerka Solar complex, with 57,2 MWp already in operation. The Gudzovka I, II and Arcyz plants, located in the region of Odessa, in the Southwest of the country, currently under construction, provide total power of 42,2 MWp. 

As a whole, in this new phase, the associated quality control work is completed on nearly 500,000 crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, with different cellular technology, manufactured in over five production centres in China, a country in which Enertis is present with a team of over 30 inspectors and laboratory engineers, providing their specialist knowledge.

As well as these projects, Enertis has collaborated in 2018 with Acciona on others such as, ‘Puerto Libertad’, of 405 MWp (in Mexico) and the three twin photovoltaic solar plants of the ‘Benban’ Egyptian complex, which add up to 186 MWp. 

The role of Enertis is to provide integral support in the definition of the technical and quality specifications in the contracts for the acquisition of panels, validating new module technologies susceptible to use by Acciona, to later complete audits using local inspectors in order to authorise the factories and calibration of modules, prior to commencing the manufacturing process.

During these collaborations, Enertis has acted as an independent entity and has inspectors who are present daily in the manufacturing centres supervising the production process. Additionally, tests are completed at its accredited laboratory in Shanghai. All of the above is undertaken in order to assure the correct fulfillment of the requirements agreed upon, in accordance with state of the art quality and technology requirements internationally – key in the context of increasingly tight margins and delivery deadlines – and with the aim of mitigating any technical and quality risks as much as possible.