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Enertis established one of its PV Mobile Laboratories in Mexico

Enertis established one of its PV Mobile  Laboratories in Mexico

Enertis, a global firm specialized in the provision of consulting, engineering and quality assurance services in renewable energy projects, establishes one of its mobile photovoltaic laboratories in Mexico.

The establishment of the PV Mobile Lab in Mexico demonstrates the long-term commitment of Enertis with this country, where it has permanent offices since 2012. This, along with the more than 18 GW experience in different phases of solar photovoltaic projects in Latin America,  gives Enertis a very solid position in the region.

PVMobile Lab

The PV Mobile Lab, designed and developed by Enertis, is one of the company’s mobile units design to carry out quality control test on site of the fundamental component of the solar PV plant, the solar module. In this way, the transport of the modules to conventional fixed laboratories is avoided and the period in which the panels are uninstalled to be subjected to technical inspections is reduced. It is a key tool in processes of acceptance of large batches of modules or studies of degradation and defects detection, among other applications, thanks to the performance of maximum power measurements in Standard Conditions of Measurement (in English STC, 25 ° C, spectrum AM1.5G and 1000W / m2 irradiance).

The laboratory is equipped with a solar tunnel simulator A+ A+ A+ and controlled environmental conditions, characteristics that allow the results obtained to have just small uncertainties in the measured variables, making these results equivalent to those made in conventional fixed laboratories.

The PV Mobile Lab equipment also allows other non-destructive tests to be carried out at the installation site, such as Electroluminescence, Thermography and Electrical Insulation. It should be noted that Enertis is a laboratory of measurement accredited according to ISO 17025.

“The mobile laboratory allows our customers to save costs and time, increasing the capacity to ensure the quality of their projects in the construction phase, and they have a tool too for the analysis of operation and performance of the plants in the operation phase”, has said Santos García, general director of The Enertis Group.

International presence: analysis of more than 60,000 photovoltaic modules

As an accredited laboratory for solar panels, Enertis has carried out quality tests on more than 60.000 photovoltaic modules for different projects around the world.

Regarding the Enertis mobile units, the company comments that “they have been operating for 6 years in the international photovoltaic market. Developers, contractors, operators and owners of photovoltaic plants leaders in the sector have been the users of these laboratories. More than 20,000 modules installed in hundreds of projects have been analyzed thanks to the mobility capacity of these units in more than 8 European countries, in addition to the United States and Chile”.

The mobile laboratory project has been promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and financed by the Community of Madrid, through the aid managed by Madrid Network, an entity created to promote  I+D+i in the regional industry.