Enertis Solar highlights the importance of O&M contracts and monitoring as key to the durability of solar plants in the UNEF’s roundtable that took place on July 16.

Santos Garcia, General Manager of Enertis Solar, highlighted in the UNEF’s roundtable on July 16, the importance of adapting the O&M contract to the new regulatory framework, which has changed the income of solar plants, as well as criteria on which such payments are allocated.

The importance of a proper maintenance plan aimed at maximizing the durability of the plant is of particular relevance, as the regulatory lifetime has been extended to 30 years. Therefore, to ensure that equipments reach this new regulatory life becomes a priority. Enertis considers that both supervision of the tasks performed by the O&M operator, and a remote monitoring system, analyzing daily plant’s performance by an independent third party becomes a must.

Another aspect affected by the regulatory change, concerning O&M contract is the importance of linking the reference hours of IT code (Uf, Nh, Romax) assigned according to the criteria of RD 413/2014 and IET/1045/2014 to the O & M contract, so it is aligned project sponsor’s and O&M’s interests.