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Enertis delivering the highest quality services in Australia

Enertis delivering the highest quality services in Australia
  • QA/QC On-site and In-Lab services delivered on projects in Queensland and New South Wales states;
  • On-site Electroluminescence inspections performed on Ca. 7,800 PV modules within three projects, together with other testing services;

Enertis, a global consulting and engineering firm specialized in providing technical advisory, engineering, and quality assurance services, has been selected by different market actors that trusted Enertis as a Quality Control independent services provider at several projects located in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

As part of our role, Enertis performed On-site Inspections and In-Lab PV modules accredited testing services in the context of end of Defects Liability Period (DLP).  Additionally, Enertis has been present on other projects to perform Damage Assessment of PV modules that due to high loads over the surfaces, have suffered irreversible damages not visually detectable.

Taking advantage of On-site ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing procedures (by ENAC, a signatory of ILAC MRA), Enertis has performed Electroluminescence (EL) inspections on Ca. 7,800 PV modules, Thermographic Inspections by drone and hand-held cameras, and many other inspection services.

In terms of testing services to individual panels, one of the most requested is the EL inspection. Enertis has developed an EL analysis criterion (widely accepted) specifically focused on PV modules in operation and/or that suffered the consequences of extreme weather phenomena. For this reason, PV Developers, EPCs, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers relied on Enertis’ expertise and confidence for PV modules defects analysis.

The testing/inspection capacity of Enertis is not limited to On-site inspections. Enertis QA/QC services cover all the value chain of a PV project, starting on the very early stages of Vendor’s Qualification, Factory audits and Inspections, Advisory on MSA negotiations, BOM/production supervision and pre-shipment independent accredited lab testing in China.

Why Australia?

Enertis has currently 3 Headquarters plus 8 branch offices distributed around the globe. Nevertheless, Enertis has deployed services in more than 45 countries, achieving a remarkable track record of +56 GW over the last 12 years.

Australia has seen its PV cumulative installed capacity doubling along the last two years from 6.3 GW (June 2017) to 12.9 GW (June 2019, according to APVI data). According to Solar Power Europe, the installation volumes between 2019 and 2023 under the low scenario stand at 19 GW, while under the optimistic forecast Australia’s PV additions could reach 45.7 GW.

It is part of Enertis’ strategy to be present in any country delivering the highest quality services.