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Enertis becomes a shareholder in Blue Tree Asset Management to enhance its international expansion

  • BTAM, specialized in the comprehensive management of renewable assets, aims to manage 1,000 MW in three years and to enter the market in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile and France, as well as to consolidate its presence in Italy and Spain.

Enertis, global consulting and engineering firm and a leader in the international renewable energy sector, has acquired a stake in Blue Tree Asset Management (BTAM) – a firm specialized in the comprehensive management of renewable energy projects –, aiming to strengthen BTAM’s services and capabilities and to drive its growth forward.

Both firms have designed an ambitious business plan that will lead Blue Tree to manage 1,000 MW in three years, positioning itself in five strategic markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile and France, while consolidating its presence in countries where it already operates like Italy and Spain.

Blue Tree’s business model for the comprehensive management of renewable energy projects (wind power and photovoltaic energy) is based on the pillars of independence and specialization, focusing on all the areas of asset management (legal, technical and financial/economic).

Currently, BTAM manages a 240 MW portfolio of photovoltaic and wind power projects for its clients in Italy and Spain, with a cumulative investment of more than 800 million Euros in generation assets. Also, the teams in both firms count on more than a decade of expertise in the monitoring and supervision of assets, accounting for more than 1,350 MW in 10 countries.

“Our entry in Blue Tree is strategic. We stand for diversification and for a project and team with a similar working philosophy to that of Enertis: client-oriented, risk-minimizing and value adding through asset management” explains José Luis Galindo, CEO of Enertis.

“BTAM continues to provide tailored services for our clients. The incorporation of Enertis enhances our distinctive business strategy, based on the independence and specialization of a multidisciplinary team that combines a great expertise in the technical, financial and legal management of renewable assets, whose purpose is to drive its ideas and work towards the generation of a positive impact on the return of its clients’ investments”, explains Pedro Diosdado, General Manager at Blue Tree. “With this alliance, we also increase our capabilities and will be able to leverage Enertis’ broad presence, markets’ knowledge and international experience for our expansion in target markets in Europe and America (the US and Latin America).”

Blue Tree works for a great number of clients with renewable energy assets, from smaller scale private investors to major institutional investors at an international level, including investment funds and banking entities.

Blue Tree

Blue Tree Asset Management (BTAM) ( is an independent professional service firm specialized in the comprehensive management of electricity generation assets based on renewable energy sources (wind and photovoltaic power).

In 2014, the management board acquired the asset management branch of an international Investment Fund in order to provide these services with greater independence and flexibility. Since then, and less than two years later, the number of MW under management has doubled.

Since 2009, Blue Tree has provided tailored services that raise the investment’s value, defining customized solutions for each client’s goals and requirements. The firm manages and operates wind and photovoltaic power generation projects, through an on-site team dedicated to the day to day activities of the facilities.


Enertis ( is a global consulting and engineering firm, a leader in the renewable energies sector. Its mission is to guarantee the maximum profitability for its clients and an adequate management of their projects’ risks by providing innovative high added-value services. Enertis has advised on renewable projects adding up to 10 GW, with a value of more than $ 18 billion in more than 30 countries. Headquartered in Spain and the United States, Enertis is present in Mexico, Panama-Central America, Chile, the United Kingdom, South Africa and China.