Press Release

Enertis Applus+ Delivers Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services for Opdenergy’s 1.8+ GWp PV Projects in North America and Europe

  • Since 2021, Enertis Applus+ has ensured quality and audited PV module supply chains for Elizabeth (160 MWp) and High Horizons (100 MWp) PV plants in the U.S.
  • Since 2018, Enertis Applus+ has implemented quality control services for more than 30 PV plants in Spain, with a total capacity of 1.4 GWp. 
  • In total, Enertis Applus+ has provided technical advisory during module supply contract negotiations, audited factories in China and other Southeast Asian countries, supervised production, and performed accredited laboratory tests. 

Global consulting, engineering, and quality control firm Enertis Applus+, with deep expertise in renewable energy and storage, provided quality assurance and quality control services for more than 35 PV plants owned by Opdenergy. The projects, located in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and Italy, have a total capacity of more than 1.8 GWp.

Within the framework of this ongoing and successful collaboration with Opdenergy, Enertis Applus+ has been chosen to certify the quality and audit the module supply chain for the High Horizons PV plant in West Virginia and the Elizabeth PV project in Louisiana, collectively totaling 260 MWp in capacity. 

“Enertis Applus+ supported us in minimizing risks in our projects and in implementing best practices in the supervision process, certifying that the equipment complied with the purchase specifications, and auditing the supply chain to ensure that our suppliers managed it properly. These aspects are very important to our organization,” said Dámaso M. Alegre Roldán, Compliance and Sustainability Director at Opdenergy.

 “There is a growing need for quality control services at North American and European solar sites. By choosing Enertis Applus+ quality control services for these demanding markets, Opdenergy has demonstrated its trust in us and marked a milestone in our collaboration,” said Vicente Parra, Head of Quality and Technology at Enertis Applus+. “This use of our quality control services is also the best indicator of Opdenergy’s firm commitment to the highest quality for its PV assets.”

Enertis Applus+ provided Opdenergy with independent technical advice during PV module supply contract negotiations to ensure compliance with the required technical and quality standards. Likewise, it also counseled Opdenergy on analysis and auditing of the supply chain traceability. And, with a special focus on PV modules, Enertis Applus+ supervised the manufacturing facilities in China to identify and mitigate any possible risks.

Additionally, before the final destination shipment, Enertis Applus+ carried out supplemental technical module testing in its Shanghai-based, accredited laboratory (with ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020 and CBTL/IECEE credentials) to verify equipment compliance with technical standards. This exhaustive monitoring and supervision of Tier-1 manufacturers for Opdenergy has been implemented by Enertis Applus+ inspectors in China in coordination with Enertis Applus+ experts in Europe.