Press Release

Enertis Applus+ provides technical advisory services for hybrid renewables-plus-battery projects in Spain, totaling more than 780 MWh

  • The SIMUBATT+ Enertis software, developed in-house, provides comprehensive technical and economic feasibility studies of the hybridisation of renewable technologies and battery systems, supporting the client’s decision-making process.

Madrid, January 30th, 2024 – Global consulting, engineering and quality control firm Enertis Applus+, with deep expertise in renewable energy and storage, has carried out studies of the hybridisation of renewable technologies and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) applications in Spain, assessing more than 30 projects, totaling over 780 MWh in capacity.

This study is part of Enertis Applus+ specialised and high value-added technical consultancy, engineering and quality control services portfolio for BESS projects, and it is carried out with SIMUBATT+ Enertis, an in-house developed software that highlights the company’s commitment to innovation.

SIMUBATT+ Enertis: driving energy hybridisation

The SIMUBATT+ Enertis software provides a framework for the analysis of the technical-economic feasibility of the hybridisation of renewable technologies, especially solar photovoltaic and wind, with battery energy storage systems. This tool is flexible, and it can be tailored to the client’s needs. It performs detailed simulations of various possible combinations, providing key information on how to achieve coupling optimisation among different technologies, the lifetime hourly energy flow of each technology and the spill analysis, as well as other crucial data for strategic decision-making. From a financial point of view, SIMUBATT+ Enertis allows for a complete analysis of projected income, internal rate of return of the investment, EBITDA, various energy sales price scenarios and battery system CAPEX, among others.

“SIMUBATT+ Enertis is an essential tool for the future of renewable energy worldwide. It provides our clients with clear and relevant information to make strategic decisions on the hybridisation of BESS projects with renewable energy technologies,” said Aitor Ilundain, Head of Engineering and Construction Management at Enertis Applus+. “This service is in line with our commitment to support the deployment of energy storage and the transition towards a more sustainable future by offering advanced technical and strategic solutions”.

Overall, Enertis Applus+ has assessed more than 30 hybridisation projects with SIMUBATT+ Enertis in Spain and over 50 projects globally, covering a variety of combinations of solar photovoltaic, wind and BESS technologies. Among the projects carried out in Spain is the feasibility study for the hybridisation of a 37 MWp PV plant with a 3MW / 12 MWh battery energy storage system prepared for Aleph Capital.

Enertis Applus+ services for battery energy storage systems

Enertis Applus+ has a consolidated global experience of 30 GWh in BESS projects in more than 15 countries, including Chile, United Kingdom, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and
United States. The company offers a full range of services, including technical specifications definition and analysis of BESS system suppliers offers; quality control services with independent factory audits; bankability reports for BESS equipment suppliers and M&A technical due diligence.