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Enertis Applus+ reaches 2.5GWp of module quality control services in Chile

Enertis Applus+ reaches 2.5GWp of module quality control services in Chile

  • The consulting and quality control services include comprehensive inspection and evaluation of 15 suppliers’ PV modules, covering various technologies and designs from more than 40 factories in Asia.
  • The company has significantly increased its activity in this Latin American country in recent years, establishing itself as a leading reference in the sector.

Enertis Applus+, a leading global consulting and engineering firm in the renewable energy and storage solutions sector, has already delivered PV module quality control services at source for projects built in Chile totaling more than 2.5 GWp to date.

This milestone establishes Enertis Applus+ as a regional leader in consulting and implementation of quality risk mitigation strategies for PV installations. Specifically, the company has evaluated suppliers, audited production centers, conducted comprehensive control and supervision of production processes, and performed accredited laboratory tests of large batches prior to acceptance and shipment. As part of these processes, the company has analyzed and evaluated PV modules produced in over 40 factories located in China and Southeast Asia for 15 international suppliers.

Specifically, Enertis Applus+ has performed these tasks both in multiple Small Scale Distributed Generation (SSDG) projects and in numerous large-scale plants from 2,99MWp up to more than 200 MWp.

About 70% of the products inspected and evaluated used PERC type bifacial cells, including large size, 550W modules as well as some more conventional monofacial technologies and other more peculiar projects, such as those based on shingled cells.

In the words of Dr. Vicente Parra, Head of Quality and Technology at Enertis Applus+: “The increasing amount of consulting and inspections we are performing in Chile is a clear indicator of the country’s firm commitment to the quality of its photovoltaic assets, especially at a time when solar energy is booming across the continent” and Aitor Ilundain, Country Manager for the Southern Cone region, “our customers’ trust is a recognition to the quality of our work and encourages us to continue our commitment to guaranteeing the highest quality standards in equipment and components as keys for the success in photovoltaic projects”